Unable to Package Project

So hey everybody, i have a big problem with my game Project at the moment every time i try to Package it i get the following Error.

Hi dollon,

  • What are you packaging to?
  • Is this a shipping or development build?
  • What steps are you taking to package the project before this occurs?
  • Does this occur in multiple projects or is it limited to one? To test, create a clean, blank project with no additional content and see if it can be packaged.

I have the same problem

I am packaging to windows

It is a development build

This erros occurs when packaging mulitple projects made with ue4 4.10.1

Only when i package with earlier engine version like 4.9.2 it works

Hi Shannonp,

  • Do you have a sample project this is occurring in you’d be willing to share?
  • What are the exact steps you are taking to package the project?

Thanks first of all for the quick Reply,

  • Im packaging to Windows - Windows(64Bit)

  • Development Build

  • This error accours only with this project.

Additional information
We are using source Control with this Project

Im also sorry for my bad Englisch and late Reply.

Are you able to Launch the project using the Launch button in the viewport? Do you get any errors when you try? What about in PIE?

Additionally, try removing your contents from your contents folder and try packaging then. If it works, slowly add folders back in until the error occurs again, this will help us to limit what specifically may be causing the failure.

Okay so i found the problem i needed to compile the c++ Classes again.