Unable to Package Project Error : FMemoryWriter does not support data larger than 2GB.

Hi all, I am having this error “Unable to Package Project Error : FMemoryWriter does not support data larger than 2GB. Archive name: None.” and thus my game doesn’t package.

I’ve tried to look up for solutions for many the issue derived from the level being too big. My levels are fairly small and unlike others my error doesn’t seems to be specified. The log says “Archive name : none” where others are notified which levels are causing the error.

How I can solve this packaging Issue?

Tried in another comp and same thing happen. I made a new project and migrate the levels that I want and the problem got away. I shrink down my content folder from 9gb to 486 mb. Still worried when it gets big again tho :frowning:


I’m hoping this will help others.

I had the same error when trying to cook the content, I have 4 lighting scenarios in my archviz project and they were all above 3.6GB!

The problem for was not the lightmaps being too large or too many it was actually the reflection spheres. I had over 20 of them and I had the resolution for sphere capture set at 1024. After erasing most of them and changing their resolution to 512 all my lighting scenarios went from 3.6GB to just 0.8GB!! well under the 2GB limit.

So whoever encounters this problem please check your options for sphere capture and see if you can remove some from your scene, this will help greatly! It’s a quick fix as well, you don’t have to bake anything just remove what you can and then press SAVE ALL and check the new size of the BuiltData in your content folder.