Unable to package for iOS on 4.10

Hello Everyone,
As the title says I am not able to package my code base project on iOS device to test it using windows 8.1
I get message says “Sorry, launching a code-based project for the selected platform is currently not supported. This feature may be available in a future release.” , I am not sure if I did something wrong or this feature not available yet on the current version 4.10?


This message appear, when you install third party plugins in UE4. Run Epic Game Launcher and check installed plugins. Then open your project. Deactivate this plugin (or plugins) and try package again.


Thank you, but sure I have no plugins installed, did you manage your self to run any projects which is code base on any iOS device from windows?

I have mac computer anyway (mac mini 2012 16gb ram) but the engine run a lot better on my windows computer and I wish to do everything from there, please keep in mind I am new to the engine :slight_smile:

Code based project for iOS you can package on MAC machine or on Windows machine but you will need use MAC machine anyway.

That’s awesome thank you, I do have mac computer as well but working on my pc with the engine is a lot faster.