Unable to Package any Platform

We are running into an issue were one of our Windows 10 machines cannot package any of the platforms (We tried Windows, Android and Linux). Instead, it launches a web browser each time you select File->Package Project->{Platform Name} and spams the output log with something similar to:

LogWindows: LaunchURL http://udn.unrealengine.com/docs/ue4/INT/index.html

From what I have read, there may be an issue with the Windows registry or Environment variables having incorrect values setup. How can I validate that things are setup correctly?

Note that this build is a source build and that the machine has had older versions of Unreal installed.

Hey buddy, I have the same issue as you . Please tell me how did you solve your problem ,thanks very much!

GOOD NEWS! I fixed this issue by install ITunes and restart UE4 !