Unable to open project after cloning from github

Hi, I am working on a project with a friend and we intended to use github as a form of version control for our project. I made the initial commit for the project up on github and after my friend cloned it into his computer, he is unable to open the project. The resulting error message is: “[Project Name] could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually” . Both of us are using the exact same version of unreal engine (UE4.26.2) and the github repository only contains the config, content and source folder along with the uproject file.

Would appreciate it if anyone can shed some light on this issue. I’ve searched the forums and all similar posts did not have a clear answer. Thank you!

Hey try deleting the files stated in this link → GitHub - JDaMusicophile/Unreal-Engine-Errors: Hey Guys! Thought of providing some help to everyday Unreal Engine Developers, with solutions to everyday issues/errors developers like myself have faced. Feel free to contact me via discord for further help or to provide some of your wise advice.
and then try regenerating ur files and rebuilding your project via the IDE (Visual Studio).