Unable to navigate in blueprint

1: create a break point in blueprint
2: run ‘Selected Viewport’ from window of the blueprint. make the window active and topmost.
3: Before the break point get hit, hold your right mouse to navigate the blueprint, it won’t work. it turns to some kind of multiply selection.
I have to restart the editor to bring navigation back.
FYI in step 3, if the break point got hit, navigation works fine.

Hello, I followed your steps provided and I did not run into any issues. I have some questions for you that will hopefully clear things up.

First, are you able to replicate this issue in a new project or is this only a problem in your current project. Also if you could post some screenshots of your blueprints or provide a sample project so I can see exactly what you are having problems with that would be a big help. Thank you.

I am closing this due to lack of response as well as being unable to reproduce the issue. If you would like to re-open this just comment below with more information.

Thank you.