Unable to move Transformation Gizmo in Animation Preview viewport

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently attempting to use a FABRIK node to address the floating left hand issue which occurs when using the anim starter pack’s aim offset (following the following tutorial: Part 2 - Adding of a rifle and fabrik node to fix left hand - YouTube).

When I try and define the location transformation of the Effector (around 5:40 in the video linked above) the transformation gizmo appears in the wrong place on the skeletal mesh, and I am completely unable to move it by clicking and dragging on it.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be occurring and how I can fix it, in order that I am able to use the transformation gizmo in the preview viewport? If so I’ll be incredibly grateful!


Below is an image showing the transformation gizmo in the preview viewport appearing in the wrong location (at the character’s feet, whereas it should be around the hand_r bone):