unable to move objects after play a level in unreal5.0.0

Hi everyone,

I’m new to UE5 here, and I had a problem to move objects after I hit the Play button…
I’ve tried and searched for some solution and still can’t figure it out.
I thought of my blue print logic and checked my

niagara system… still don’t know how to deal with this.
I create a new cube and I can’t move it after play either.

BTW I’m using UE5.0.0
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

And I also try out in the default level…still not working…

The objects in both scenes are set to static, not moveable. If you tried moving those with a blueprint or code, it would give you warnings/errors after you stopped playing too.

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Thank you sooooo much!! It’s working now !!
Now I can finally continue my practice. <3
silly me lol.