unable to move actor in blueprint


I have a blueprint that generates a lot of actors every time a key is pressed. So, for example, every time you hit the F key, actors are falling out of holes, onto the ground and bouncing around using ragdoll collision.

I want to suck all those actors up into a vortex (probably using a timeline and and then a vector lerp) and destroy them but I am unable to move them at all. After looking around it seems like maybe because I have physics turned on. I am messing around with trying to turn it off temporarily but am not able to do it…maybe because these actors are generated within the blueprint and their class exists in a different bp? Also - I know my actor array is correct because when I print it out it lists all the actors generated in the level…it’s just not moving them!

This is the simple setup I have now…nothing is happening:


Any guidance is much appreciated!!

Use “SetActorWorldLocation” and “Set Simulate Physics”

That worked! Thanks so much! Just had to convert the actor element to mesh before putting it into worldLocation.