Unable to move a scene component around the level

Hi all!

I’m facing a weird problem with a scene component I’m using. I’m pretty new to C++, so that might start to explain things. Let me explain what I’ve done:

1 - I’ve created a blueprint actor
2 - That blueprint actor is made up of a static mesh, a widget component and a custom C++ component I’ve created - something like the following:

3 - I’ve created a UBoxComponent on the C++ header file for the component I’ve added to my blueprint, which basically creates a Box Collision component in my blueprint.

However, when I drop the blueprint into my level, the box collision always spawns at 0,0,0 and it doesn’t matter where I move the whole blueprint to, it remains there. You can see that behaviour in the next images. Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance for your time!