Unable to material landscapes/ paint landscapes

The title pretty much establishes it. When I try to change the material from the black/grey squares it changes that material to a grey sphere icon and does nothing. Please Help!

Could you be more specific?. What Material are you applying to the landscape (MI_NewIsland, MI_SnowBiome, etc). Is it a custom Landscape Material? :slight_smile:

I’m trying every material, including mi_newisland and mi_snowbiome and it just doesn’t do anything. It turns the sphere image into the grey/black squares and then does nothing to the landscapes.

Hm, did you assign Layers to the textures and tried painting them then? Usually when you apply the landscape material to your landscape (MI_NewIsland; MI_NewIsland_Hole) it´ll show black/grey, untill you assign a Layer to your textures and start painting.

I having the same issue. How do you create a Layer for a texture?

Are you talking about, creating a layer inside of the Material?
Or do you want to add a Layer on the Geometry?

I can’t assign any material that I have been creating with my height map.
Landscape–> was created with a Height Map

But I can’t assign any material.

What am I missing here?