Unable to make posts even after entering version, Please enter version 4-20 4-21

To whom ever implemented this thing, even when it works its confusing.

The whole point of requiring people to enter version number is supposed to make lives easier but this thing is nuisance at best. I spend more time trying to figure it out than making my post.

i just spend 30 mins composing a question adding blueprint and code and in end the dam buggy version requirement would not allow me to post, i had to delete 35mins work composing question …

By the time people are going all the way to reddit to ask questions about how to get past this block you got to know there is an issue

For the insiders who are fully versed on how to get passed this am happy for you, but for folks new here asking questions this version requirement set as blockage is frankly a stupid idea.

I been here a year plus before this bad idea was introduced and this crap solves no problems just means new folks have to tear their hair out to make post. And then you finally figure out how to add the version tag but by then its gone buggy and will never recognise you have added the tag, So you have to delete the post

A bad idea is bad idea , currently cant waste my time composing posts not sure if am gona be able to send.

Please remove this requirement , its not setup in intuitive way, and its buggy .
Its similar to system on stack overflow, the difference is that stack overflow version is intuitive and it works every time.

Youre blocking people from making posts for nothing and its buggy.

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And trying to post this topic , it said i must include one programming or scripting language, so i just ticked anything and clicked post.

Guys this thing is nice idea on paper, but a nuisance on the ground.
Stop trying to force every post into a made up box in some coders imaginary world.