Unable to make a character become possesed

I’m working on a menu for my game. I have the widget portion figured out mostly, but am having problems with setting up the background for the menu. I’m trying to use a part of the scene as a background, and so I made a character with fixed position and a camera and placed it in the scene. Project settings and world setting both tell Unreal to use this character when the game is launched, but that just doesn’t happen. If I press play with spawn player at camera location marked, it spawns a generic character (not the character I told it to possess) wherever the camera is at. If I put a player start actor in the scene and tell Unreal to spawn there, it spawns a generic character with no editable properties that I cannot use. What I need it to do is possess the StartCameraActor you can see in the pics.

Please help Internet

In the settings for Start Camera Actor there should be an option called “auto possess”. If you set this to be player 0 it should possess the specific Actor when you launch the game.

Thank you! That worked. Now I need to get a mouse cursor into there so users could click buttons. Anyone has the know-how on how to do that or maybe know a good tutorial for that?

No problem :slight_smile:
Not sure about tutorials, but the "Set Input Mode UI Only " or the “Set Input Mode Game and UI” would be a good place to start.

(I also found this useful for cursor visibility)