Unable to look up/down

I made the program to run around and jump from scratch just to get used to the blueprint process, but for some reason, my mouse look up and down isn’t working. I can get it to look left/right, just cant get it to do up/down.
In input settings, Ive set it to mouse Y, scale 1.0
In the player blueprint, Ive connected LookUp to Add Controller Pitch Input.
Then, Ive created a game mode and set my player to default, and then set this game mode to default in settings. Anything missing?

Have you got Use Pawn Control Rotation checked in your camera properties on your character?


When the upper solution doesnt work ->

-What kind of character do you want to create? (fps, 3rd person,…)
-Post a picture of your setup :slight_smile:


The pawn control Rotation did it :slight_smile: Thanks a lot

If you are working on a VR project, it could be due to the Editor Preferences Settings that is enabled : “Viewport Gets HDMControl”. You can only move with the Headset in this case.

saved me twice already, thank you

Thank you very much for this - it’s still happening in 2023. Came here looking for a solution and you provided it!

8 years later, you still saved someone.