Unable to login to learn.unrealengine.com

I have been unable to connect to learn.unrealengine.com for the last two days. Different browsers/VPN/Clearing cache, everything has failed.
Every time I try to login, I get the following error message.

There was an issue logging in.
Please try again in a few minutes.

Any ideas?

I’m also not able to connect. I get the same message. Is your connection already been fixed?

Having the same issue. Tried different browers / VPN / clear cache and always same. Even tried with different account, still no go.

1st a page with red message showing: Unable to Complete the Sign In, please try again later or contact support.

2nd a page with white message showing: There was an issue logging in, please try again in a few minutes.

Any resolution to this issue?

Hi, all. We are aware of this issue and our developers are on it. Please stay tuned as we implement a resolution and get the Unreal Online Learning portal up again. We appreciate your patience.

Thanks for reaching out and for learning with us!

Every time I finish watching an instructional video and click Next, my account logs out. The entire UE website requires a new log in every step. It’s annoying and not as well done as Unity.