Unable to login ... Stuck at 'please wait' port 5222 blocked

Hello, I am unable to login to the launcher or download anything via launcher due to port 5222 blocked in my college. I can’t download in home as it would take days together. Whereas in my college, It can get over in very few minutes. Please give me a workaround. Is it possible to change the port to 80 ?

Hi vikky123,

Try adding the firewall exception explained here in the excepted answer. Being at college, you will likely need to get with the IT department to have them add the exception for you.

I already asked them. But they are not ready to do it. They gave a reply “Due to security reasons, we cannot unblock any ports in the network” :’(
I downloaded the source code from github and compiled it successfully. Editor is opening fine. But which files do I need to copy it to my laptop ? and which Should I exclude. The entire folder is 36GB, but copying the entire folder is overkill.
Which folder should I need to copy to my working system. I don’t need any source code for the engine. Just the game engine , like I download via launcher.

Thank you

Unfortunately, you will need to move the entire build. We don’t recommend moving the engine once it is installed but here is a report where the process is explained.