Unable to login into forum

Hey EF,

Sorry you’re having trouble logging in. Please contact accounts@epicgames.com and they can assist you.

Hey there,

Upon attempt to login into forum, I get following error:

email address you entered is already in use, but is bound to another account. Please contact customer service.

I don’t experience any problems with access to other services like AnswerHub or GitHub. What may be causing this?

EF, can you please try to login again to forums again (using e-mail and password)? We believe we have fixed problem in your case. It was a simple bug because your display name is 2 characters and forums expected 3 or more. Because of this bug, your account was failing to create on forums.

Let us know how it works out.

Guess I could have picked a longer username :slight_smile: Anyway it’s working now. Thanks!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for reporting back that it worked. :slight_smile: