Unable to login into anything


I am posting here since I cannot login to contact Epic directly. NO account will login. I have invested a lot of time and money into Unreal, so if we can treat this as a serious issue, that would be appreciated.

I am having a serious login problem with my account. Is there an email address to Epic support. Maybe even an escalations account that replies almost immediately? Please inbox me if so.



Hey Justin, it’s due to the scheduled maintenance. Check out the announcement here. Should be back up soon. =)

Oh, good! I thought it was a hack attempt. I am a little paranoid after my steam account tried to get hacked.

Thanks for the speedy reply, Jon!

Mmhmm, so maintenance didn’t happen. No dice Epic. What do I have to do to login again? Wait 48 hours like a 1998 security feature? It claims I have “too many active logins”. I am logged into AnswerHub and the forums. That’s all. Nice to see this went unheard from EPIC as to be expected.

Thanks Epic! Ill find a way to contact you eventually, I suppose

Hi Rallii,

Please contact, they should be able to help figure out what’s going on and get it addressed.

Yes, as Adam mentioned please send an email to

The “Too many active logins” is a known issue that is being investigated, but if you contact our Accounts team with your account information, they should be able to help resolve the issue.