Unable to load project using F5

Using Unreal 5.0.3 and Visual Studio 2022. I’m unable to start debugging my unreal project by pressing F5 in VS. I get the following error:


Going to the Project menu and choosing the properties for my project, I then select “Configuration Properties” and then Debugging, I see:

Anyone know how I can set up my F5 to debug compile and start up my game project properly?

Anyone able to help with this?

Not sure how it happened but somehow the startup project was set to UE5. So I had to set it my project.
So you have to

  1. look into the Solution Explorer
  2. under games right-click on <YourProjectName>
  3. “Set as Startup Project”

That was the answer. Not sure how UE5 got selected as the startup project. When I changed it to my app, it worked fine.

Thanks for the help.