Unable to load project - Stuck in "discovering assets"


I’m using Unreal Engine 4.7.2, Windows 7 Professional.

This problem started when UE4 appeared to have frozen. I closed the engine down via task manager. Now when I try to re-open my project it gets stuck “discovering assets”, that is to say the “discovering assets” status bar fills all the way up as if it’s done but then just stays like that. I cannot click on anything, and I cant move around in the viewport or anything. I have no idea what to do :frowning:

I also have been getting the error “****.fbx has degenerate tangent bases” when importing meshes in UE 4.7.2 - I don’t have this error in earlier version of UE4. Not sure if this is related but maybe worth mentioning. Please please please help me!!

Hello danluka,

I have been looking into your problem and I have an idea what might be going wrong for you. 4.7.2 includes a features an automatic importing feature that is enabled by defualt. Unfortunately there is also a bug that causes auto imports to sometimes have issues. I believe that what you are experiencing may have something to do with the combination of the two. In order to see if this is what is causing the issue just do the following:

  1. go to the location that you have installed the project (in the project browser you can right click on the thumbnail for the project and select “show in explorer”
  2. In that folder will be a sub-folder titled “content” copy that folder and paste the copy to another location (desktop is convenient if you have the space.)and rename it to something that you will recognize (like content backup)
  3. back in your original content folder erase all of the contents.
  4. restart the editor and see if the issue is no longer present.

If the issue is not present when you restart the editor, you can use the import button from the content browser to import the items that are in the backup folder that you made on the desktop. Hopefully this will take care of your issue, but if not just post a comment with the results and I will make sure to keep looking until we have it figured out.

Thank you for your patience,

Benjamin Hyder

Hi Benjamin. Thank you so much for your answer. I have now managed to solve this by opening an other project in UE4 (Default MyProject with the 2 orange chairs and the table). The engine of course loaded that project without any problems. Once the editor was open I tried to load my project from there, the editor closed and re-opened with my project, “discovering assets” still took much longer than usual but it eventually loaded.

Now I have to solve an other problem I am having when importing geometry from 3dMax (mesh has degenerate tangent base) but I will open a new report for that. Cheers for looking into this. And I will keep your solution in mind for next time!



I managed to fix it in a different way. After a crash the content browser was unable to show any asset. I found that if I clone the project the content browser works fine again on the project new copy. I also notice that some small customizations in the layout resets to default, but it’s not a big problem.

I hope it helps.


Thanks, you can also delete the build file inside your initial map folder.

I am experiencing this issue now with 4.26.2. I did not make any changes to my system, simply opened the project and it is stuck with the “Discovering Asset Data” progress bar. I was not able to get around the issue by trying the suggestions above.

Super easy fix for this:
-Then, Go to your project folder (where the project and contents folders are)
-Open the “Saved” folder and you will see additional folders. Delete the “config” folder.
-This folder includes cache registry, asset registry, etc.
-Reopen your project, and you’ll be good to go. Your project will automatically create new “Config” folder when opening the project.

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Thank you SO MUCH for sharing. This just saved my life right before a deadline.