Unable to Load Client Save from Server?

Hello! I’ve been working on a system where players save information to a server, and can then load it via a Widget/Button press (eventually automatic). However, it has two major issues.

Firstly, any clients on the server cannot actually load their saves. In the screenshots below, particularly the fourth one, it triggers IsNotValid for the Load Data (see fourth image/section).

Secondarily, the owning server user -is- able to load a save, but what happens is that whenever a client generates a save, it creates one for the server user as well. If the server user already had a save, the client (or one of the clients if there are multiple) overwrites it. I have a step by step with images below which I hope will help explain the issue.

#1.The Character on event begin play casts references of Player Controller and Player state, then on a loop refreshes and sends information to specific player controller.

#2. In the Player Controller, the event being run from the character saves the character’s variables to itself so they can be saved.

#3. This is the save system. For some reason it generates a save for the server regardless of whether or not the server has reached the ‘Ready To Go?’ state or not, and it fills in the information of the client playing. If there is more than one client as well as the server, it seems to randomly assign the save of one of the users to the server.

#4. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the player can load their save from the HUD. If the server user plays on their own without a client on the server, it works 100% as intended; the server generates a save, and can then restart and load it. The client, however, is not able to load their save file even though it exists in the server’s save game directory. Specifically, it determines that the save is Invalid from the is valid check.