Unable to launch to Oculus Go, despite it being listed in Device Manager

Hi All,

I have been following all the documentation online. I have installed Codeworks for Android, installed Android SDKs etc.
The Oculus Go appears in the list of devices in the device manager, but I am unable to launch to the device as it doesn’t appear on the drop down menu next to launch.
I currently have the OculusVR plug-in as the only enabled VR Plug-in.
I have the Go in Developers Mode, and the ADB recognises it as a device.
The project settings for my scene are as follows:

Any help would be deeply appreciated!

I’m wondering if you have found a solution to this, because I’m having similar problems. When following these steps :

At step 13, I don’t get the ‘Package for Oculus Mobile Devices’ fold and can’t add the Oculus Go as a target.

I have the same problem, no one has a solution to make this missing line appear?