Unable to jump while crouching

Like the title says. My thirdperson character cannot jump while crouched. Is there a way to fix this?

Any advise is helpful

Check the booleans in both character blueprint and animation blueprint. Look into the transitions in the state machine. Chances are you need to add an or between a bool and a result input, for example in the transitions in the state machine.

I know what the problem is now. It´s the crouch function. You need to use the crouch and un crouch function on your character in order to resize the capsule component.

But at the same time if you enable the crouch function in the character blueprint. The character can no longer jump for some reason.

This is really annoying. I hope someone can help me solve this.

In the animation blueprint, where you pull out to get “IsFalling,” pull out another one called IsCrouching or IsCrouched and turn that into a boolean in the Animation blueprint event graph. Then, in the transition to jump start, you get this new boolean for crouching and add that to an OR node and connect both the CanJump or whatever that boolean is called, and the crouch boolean into the OR. From the OR into the transition.

If that doesn’t work, add another AND node and into that, you add both the can jump and the OR node. Remember to plug the can jump boolean into both the OR and the AND and from the AND, into the transition.

No you don´t understand. I can jump while crouched with my current settings in the anim blueprint.

The problem is I cannot jump while this function is enabled. (see picture)

Thats the problem. And that function has to be enabled while you crouch, in order to scale the collision capsule properly.

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Ok. Try this idea: In the animation blueprint, in the transition, get the character reference, from there the movement component and from there call the un crouch function. If that doesn’t work, you can always make two custom events for crouch and un crouch, like StartCrouching and StopCrouching and then call the StopCrouching in the animation blueprint directly from the character reference.

I`ll try it out. Thank you.