Unable to interact with spawned actor

I’m using the “Top-down” project as a base and need to spawn a certain actor at a point. To summarize my problem:

-Manually placing the problem actor through the editor then hitting play allows it to receive both click and cursor over events

-However, when the actor is spawned via the player-controlled pawn (by a click event), neither the click nor cursor events work on the spawned actor

-Even after the actor is spawned, the originally placed actor still responds to click and cursor events

-At the moment the actor only has an ActorBeginCursorOver event, so posting a screenshot wouldn’t really help

-If the manually inserted actor is removed so that the only instance is spawned, the mouse events still do not work.

So somehow the spawning interferes with the actor’s ability to be interacted with. Anyone have any suggestions what may be causing this?

I actually managed to solve this, but I’m not sure if the problem I encountered is an error or not.
Previously I had the actor blueprint have a “cube” mesh added to it as a placeholder for when I added my own mesh later. Since a cube didn’t really fit the shape of the later mesh, I replaced it with a sphere and calling it the same name so that the references still worked. After this I had all the problems where the actor was unresponsive. By making a new actor and leaving the attached mesh alone, I do not have this problem. No idea why this occurs, but I can at least move on now that I’ve figured it out.