Unable to interact with other UMG after adding a second UMG to the viewport

The title pretty much says it all. I have a main UMG that has some buttons and other UMG elements. When I try to add a second UMG to my viewport, I am unable to interact with any other UMG or scene-**space **widgets in the scene. Changing the Z order only allowed me to interact with the other widget in the viewport, not the scene-space buttons.

**Important to note **that my mouse can still cast line traces and hit the landscape under the UMG’s input blocking, or at least it seems like the mouse input is being consumed.

Is there anything I might’ve accidentally done? I didn’t change any of the settings on the both of them and I’m really stumped right now. (I know I didn’t really provide much details but there really isn’t anything to show…)


I am not sure but have you investigated the “focusable” option in widgets? I think maybe you need to set which widget is in focus when dealing with multiple widgets that aren’t parented to a top level widget. Just guessing here but I had a problem like this when making a inventory system a while back.