Unable to install Unreal Engine

Hey, I’m trying to install unreal engine however when I go to install it the plus symbol to install a new version is greyed out and is un-clickable.
There is also nothing already showing beneath the section header.
If anyone knows what is happening and how to fix it I would be very grateful if you could help me out.

My guess is some sort connection of issue between Epic Launcher and Unreal server(s).
Try changing to your game lib then go back and see if UE installs.
As a last resort, if clicking the “Install” button does nothing, try closing launcher window then opening it again.
I too had that problem and when I reopened the launcher Instalation kicked in.

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Does anything happen if you click “Install Engine” in the upper right-hand corner?

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I have the same problem.

Uninstalled & reinstalled twice. Logged off and on again. It was a fresh install of Epic Games Launcher on a pretty new machine, nothing else installed related to Epic Games. The launcher has a firewall entry, communications shouldn’t be a problem.

The plus symbol is not yellow and not clickable.

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No, it just took me to the same page with the button grayed out. I managed to get it working by just leaving it for a few days. Thank you though! ^^

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Thanks :smiley: I think it may have been a connection issue cause after leaving it for a few days it allowed me to install it ^^ Thanks for the help!

I finally managed to install it by just waiting for a few days and occasionally checking to see if the button is yellow. I think it just needed some time to set up. I hope you manage to install it :slight_smile: