Unable to Install Toolbag Importer


I’m using a Mac. A few months ago I purchased an asset on the UE4 marketplace that I later learned requires a “toolbag importer” to run. I’m not quite sure how, but I ultimately was able to run the scene and interact with the asset I purchased.
Recently I’ve tried to do this same thing, but I’m unable to install said “toolbag importer” to either of my engine versions (4.18 or 4.20) and so I can’t open the asset that I originally purchased on the marketplace.

When I try to open a project with the purchased asset in it, I’m told: “Missing ToolbagImporter Plugin - This project requires the ToolbagImporter plugin. Would you like to download it from the Unreal Engine Marketplace?” I click “yes” and I’m consistently taken to the storefront page of the marketplace; if I search “Toolbag Importer,” I’m brought to the Marmoset Toolbag Scene Importer asset, and so that’s what I assume I need to use–but it’s Windows-only!

Any thoughts?

Thank you,