Unable to install shameless epicgame launcher button invisible

shameless epicgame launcher unable to fix the bug button greyout xxx them all no fix of this even so far why this unreal engine patnerships with stupid epicgame launcher whos launcher github of epic file empty
shameless launcher wasted my 3-4hr still i not able to install contact support epic game contact support blame on unrealengine not providing data to their launcher

i asking to plz remove unreal engine from epic game launcher and provide separate installation
that why 80% community on unity3d just cause of this single bug never fix so far u can google it urself

Hi You can only install the binary compiled versions. You need a GitHub account connected to Epic to install and build the source for any version

The picture you have supplied is when your network firewall prevents you from connecting to the Epic Games site.
If you are working from *nix, this needs manual configuring of your network proxy firewall which needs set by the network administrator.

Many company internet connections need proxy gateway configured

This is not the place Unity, we are not interested in Unity opinion or spam

Unity errors " unity3d just cause of this single bug never fix so far u can google it urself"

If you want to uninstall an app like Launcher go to Windows 10 Uninstall from the windows icon start bar and select Epic Launcher. Most Company based machines will not all apps to be uninstalled without Administrative rights

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