Unable to install plugin on a mac


I found this video, where a gentleman very clearly explains how to add a custom plugin to your project (starting from 1:35):


I did those exact steps, using those exact files (which you can download here: Plugin - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums), but on a mac, not a windows.

response I get from editor is this:


And then editor just closes. I really need to add a custom plugin, can somebody please help me ?
Thank you.

download doesn’t include Mac version of plugin, I’m afraid. I took a quick look at its source code and it seems that building a Mac version should be possible, but you’d need access to Sixense SDK for Mac… I’ll try to contact author of plugin and offer my help with creating Mac build.

Thank you, but that’s not actual plugin I need. I used that tutorial, only to learn how to add new plugins.

one that I actually need is this one:

VaRest allows us to make http requests from blueprint.

But I had same problem with VaRest: “Plugin ‘VaRest’ failed to load…”.
And it’s a bit surprising to me that a plugin needs two separate versions for mac and windows (I didn’t knew that, sorry), because I once transferred an entire UE4 project from mac to windows and it worked without any change whatsoever. So I figured if a project works, of course module works. :smiley:

Thanks again for your reply.

Plugins are written in C++, so they need to be compiled separately for Mac and Windows. Let me take a look at this VaRest plugin. If it doesn’t use any Windows specific code, it should not be hard to make a Mac version. I’ll get back to you when I know more.

Ok, I really appreciate you taking time to do this, and I’m sure other people will too, because ability to make http requests from blueprint is something big, I think. :slight_smile:

Any update on this? VaRest would be extremely helpful to have for my Mac-based project, but I can’t find any documentation on recompiling for Mac.

Hey shawmakesmusic,

has not had time to look into that particular plugin yet, but I have reminded him. He or I will let you know if there’s any update. In meantime, contacting plugin’s author and requesting a Mac compile may yield results. Thanks for your patience!

Any update on this process in general? Im finding many mac plugins come up with this error, even ones that claim to be accepted on iOS