Unable to import Skeleton Mesh

Hi all,

I have met some problem importing my FBX skeleton file into Unreal. I have found several solutions but unfortunately none of them works for me. At Beginning I was using UE 4.10.4, but it crashed while I importing the fbx file. Later I found moving to UE 4.11 could load one of my skeleton mesh correctly but it failed to import another mesh again. I also tried put the mesh into Unity and it works fine.

Here is the fbx file :

And here is the maya file :

Thank you!

so i did download and look at your files and… there is something horribly broken. When I opened the maya file it said the rig. spookymonkeyrig.ma was missing and only a cylinder is in the viewport. So you must have exported something wrong and your file is corrupted.

Sorry, I updated the file. Here is the maya file.

I cannot say for sure what the problem is. The fbx file generated was under 6mb. not too bad. Your animation controls are very complex. I cant say I’ve ever seen so many bone groups. I can only say from an animators point of view that it could be cleaned up a bit. Maybe look again at your rig and animation process. Something in there is not sitting right with unreal. Other than that, its a cute little thing. I like the jump. Pretty smooth.