Unable to import Skeletal mesh

It loads the Import options screen up just fine i used maya 2014 with the art tools to build a prototype character and animated a walk cycle for her, using the art tool export option i sent it out to my hdd when importing it into Unreal 4.7.2 it asks for a skeleton but does not give me the option to import with none set what am i doing wrong? i used this exact same workflow before and i had no issues.

Please check the documentation here: FBX Skeletal Mesh Pipeline.

There are sections specific to Maya and Max that will outline all the steps you need to take and how the whole pipeline works. This should be able to lead you in the right direction.

thanks, ill look into it, i just find it weird that the exact same methods i used before are not working, suppose its to be expected as UE4 matures.

OK so from what i am seeing using the export command from the art tool is not working at least not the initial export anyway. thanks ill try the Maya export function then.

yep thats exactly the problem export full mesh and bones from maya then use art tools to export animations.

Cool … glad you came right. 8-}