Unable to import Shape Keys/Morph Targets into UE4 with Blender?

I’m trying to import Shape Keys into UE4 with my Blender object, but it isn’t working. No matter what I do, the ‘Import Morph Targets’ option is never visible. Instead, it’s been replaced with ‘import Custom Attributes’.

The problem is, the pose, keyframes, etc. are all completely unlinked. There’s nothing there. ‘Apply Modifiers’ is unticked and everything. Everything has been done correctly to a T, but no matter what, the Morph Targets don’t work. I’m completely at a loss, here.

Are you sure the morphs are being exported?

If you import the fbx into blender, are they there?

If not, I think the “other” option has to be checked on export.

If yes, then no idea. Worked for me in .25…

Also, object parenting in blender could be the issue.
The morph has to sit right onto the skeletal mesh. And usually the objects have to be merged down or joined in blender.

Without more info that’s about all I can think of.