Unable to Import Alembic as Skeletal (Geometry Cache Works Fine)

Hello everyone,

When I imported the Alembic file as a geometry cache from Maya into Unreal, I can play the animation without an issue.

However when I imported the same file as a skeletal mesh, the Unreal Alembic Importer reported an error that it was “unable to compress animation data, no meshes found with Vertex Animation and baked Matrix Animation is turned off.” I was wondering what needs to be fixed in order to successfully play the animation.

I have attached my Alembic file here in case that someone wants to check it. Thank you for help.

I’m getting the same issue in 4.16. However, in my case the geometry cache doesn’t seem to work either, which is understandable since it’s an experimental feature.

After some more searching online it seems the alembic file I downloaded has a tearable surface constraint. So perhaps Maya constraints don’t play well with the UE4 alembic loader?