Unable to implement rifle animset pro

I am unable to implement rifle animset pro (kubold). I made many blueprints and put my all the knowledge but only got some vibrating and slithering animations. Please help me making blueprints for rifle strafe moment blendspace and aiming.

Well first of all we here to help you with problems not do all the work for you, so drop screenshots and ask specific questions on how and what you trying to do and how it does not work then we will be able to help you.

Sorry for late coming but of which thing do you want the screenshot ? The blendspace or BPs ?

Start from the blend space show us whats going on there, tell what you want to happen and if you think something not works because of some BP drop a screenshot of it too.

sorry for late coming, there were exams. Here is blendspace and the animBP i am using.

Sorry, again. Please bhai I need you. Reply ASAP.