Unable to get NPC dinos to spawn

I’ve gone though 5 or 6 youtube tutorials and believe I have everything setup correctly however no dino’s ever spawn.

I’ve created
NPCZoneVolume that is larger than the SpawnVolume and the SpawnVolume is placed inside the ZoneVolume.
NPCZonemanager and I linked both the SpawnVolume and ZoneVolume to the manager.
Added SnowGrasslandSpawn as the spawn container.
Enabled is checked.
never spawn in water is checked.
SP/Min desired NPC 5
min player dist 100
world settings enabled NPCSpawner.

I feel like I’ve missed something super simple and obvious but I’m not sure how to find out what it is.

Are you playing in PIE editor

I’ve had the same problem with my dinos not spawning and i think i figured out why.
In ADK if you get to the NPC manager, there i have the option Min desired number of NPC and SP Min desired number of NPC.
I think those two are the same and somehow there is not a max desired number of NPC that is set by default to 0.
So i think thats the problem why dinos are not able to spawn, just because that their max spawn cap is 0