Unable to find UE4game.js

Trying to build up an HTML build for school projects to make it easier to show instructors, I’m building everything from VS without errors but when I try to build from the front end I cant pick anything when doing on the books. Though when I try to build it any other way it errors out and states that it cant find UE4game.js

Hi Kreios,

Errors about a missing UE4Game.js tend to be caused by not compiling the HTML5 version of UE4. Have you built the HTML5 Development build of UE4 from VS and not got any compile errors? Normally, after that I use the editor to build and package HTML5. It’s under File->Package Project->HTML5. You can run a webserver from the folder you’ve packaged to (I use a python SimpleHTTPServer) can connect to that.

Yep, everything builds correctly in VS with 0 errors. Even when I go into the editor to package the test every goes fine until it pops up with an error unable to find ue4game.js

Can you post the build output from VS and the log output from the editor package command, I’m curious as to what’s going wrong…

Rebuilding Now. Will update this post with the text logs from VS and frontend. Though another question I have is whenever I try to build by the book I cant choose anything it needs me to pick in order to build. Kind of lost at that one since I havent really looked much into it.

http://kreios.co/ue4/logs/ are where the logs are kept.

From your build log it doesn’t look like you’ve built UE4 for html5. You are building UE4 for x64 based on this line in the logs:
“Rebuild All started: Project: UE4, Configuration: Development_Game x64”
You need to select HTML5 from the Soultions Platform dropdown in VS. Then just build “UE4” otherwise you’ve be waiting a long time :slight_smile: Right click on UE4 from solution explorer to build just UE4. You’ll know you’ve got html5 building as you’ll see emscripten command lines from the build output. Fingers crossed after that you’ll be able to package.

The other option from the frontend is to setup up a custom launch profile which includes the “Build” option enabled for HTML5. The project launcher in unreal frontend is still experimental so some bits are flaky. I’ve not managed to get “by the book” to work from anything other than a custom launch profile.

Hmm i dont see HTML5 pop up at all in the solutions platform. Going to delete what source I have and retry from the beginning.

Now for some odd reason the Editor isnt being built. I got a ton of errors about things not being compatible with HTML5 but it still built the majority of the HTML5 programs, but when I went to build everything else it seems like everything but the editor was built. No errors on anything at all now unless I try to rebuild in HTML5 which pops up the compatibility errors.

The editor isn’t compatible with html5 (i.e. you can’t run the editor in a browser) you want to build an editor in Win64 to work with on your windows machine and build game content with. Then you need a HTML5 version of the game to run in a browser. Do that make sense?

I know that. What i am saying though is that it wasnt building period. Deleted the source again and restarting back from the beginning again.

Again, I build the HTML5 and get all the errors associated with things not building for html5 wich is acceptable errors but when I build for x64 i get 0 errors but no editor build.

Finally ‘fixed’ the issue. Not sure how or why the Editor itself didnt end up building but what I had to do was make two copies of the source, used one for hte HTML5 build and the other for the deafult x64 build and now alls good and fine. Still confused on how the second part ended up hapenning.