Unable to find custom funtion?

I have created a custom event in the level blueprint, u copied the fuction of it to a a projectile blueprint that would triger this event. when i compile it it says cannot find function with name “NAMEOFCUSTOMEVENT” for/from Custom event. How do i use these custom events in other blueprints please?

You created a CustomEvent inside your LevelBlueprint and you want to access it inside another BlueprintActor?

As far as i know, this is not possible :X

The LevelBlueprint isn’t an actor and is not meant to be accessed by other BP.

The only thing you can do is use an EventDispatcher. You create an EventDispatcher inside your SPAWNED BlueprintActor.

Than you drag it into the EventGraph and choose “Call”. You need something that calls this. Now you select the BlueprintActor inside your scene and open up the LevelBlueprint. After that, you rightclick in the LevelBlueprints EventGraph and type the Name of the EventDispatcher you created. Add it to the EventGraph (should be a red node) and let it call your CustomEvent.

You can add an EventDispatcher the same way you add Variables or functions. It can be found top left over the variabel list.

BUT i’m sure in most of the cases you don’t need to involve the LevelBlueprint like this, so it would be easier to tell us what you want to do and we tell you a better way if it exists (:


Ah, that’s something different mate. You talked about the LevelBlueprint in your Question. 2 Blueprints are way easier.

You need to have a CollisionBox/Capsule on each actor. So one on the Projectile and one on the Wall. You can create them inside the ComponentsTab of your Blueprints. Then you select the one on the Projectile and look for the lower left options box. There should be something like this:



Here you need to select “Add OnComponentBeginOverlap”.

This should create this big red Node inside your EventGraph.

Then you pull the “Other Actor” pin into the EventGraph and type the Name of your WallBP. In my case it was “YourWall”. You should find “Cast to YourWall”. Choose it and you will have the second node in the following picture. After that, you take the ReturnValue that says “AsYourWallC” and again, pull it into the EventGraph. Now type in the name of the function from the WallBP. Choose it and you are done.



It could be that you need to change some collision settings of the Colliders.
But i think this should work for the beginning.

Thankyou for your answer. what i wanted to do was have the projectile trigger an event in a certain object when it is hit. so i have a wall which will move when the projectile hits it. i tried making a function within the wall blueprint then calling it in the projectile blueprint but i get a message saying cannot find that function.

sorted, thanks for you help mate nice one :slight_smile: