Unable to find ant.bat (via %ANT_HOME% or %ANDROID_HOME%/../eclipse/plugins/org.apache.ant* - But it's there


as posted, unrealengine and visualstudio can’t find ant.bat on my pc. I set the variables in my Path/ANT_HOME
and if i open a cmd.exe ant type ant it works.

Is there an optioen in UE4 that i have overseen?

here is my CMD: Screenshot by Lightshot


Hey ,

Have you looked over the following documentation for installing AndroidWorks on your computer? Do you have any error output you can provide to me?

  • [Installing Android SDK][1]

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!


Hi .

Yes, i installed it as mentioned in the page you linked and it still won’t work.

This is my log: UnrealLog - Pastebin.com


Could you please show me a screenshot of your Android SDK screen? Do you have the SDK API Level set to latest, and your NDK API level set to 19?



Used 21 as on the screenshot. changed it to 19, but doesnt work too.

thx for help

Please replace your SDK information with similar filepaths as the following:


Hello .

It finally works. Thank you for your patience with me :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, please let us know if you have any further questions!