Unable to export helmet rig skeletons

I’ve tried to find any Skeleton RIG files for helmets/hats to be of use but when I choose to export them and import them into maya 2012, I get “missing skin cluster” errors.

I tried using the full body skeleton rig for my test helmet but it ends up floating exactly 1 human in hieght above my character in game. The test body armor I made works perfectly fine in terms of showing up and being located appropriately.

Any ideas?

I have yet to look at the bones armor is skinned to but the helmet should be centered at the feet. If you export out one of the helmets like the flake you will see this right away. If the mesh you made is at the characters default head location it will get moved up to twice his height.

Thanks for the reply and I’ve notice that was the case for the helmet. What I’m trying to accomplish is to add a hood that uses more than one bone for the sake of head/neck movement.
I will post back with any results.

(Also, if you[anyone reading this part] export any skeleton RIG armor mesh via FBX, that is the skeleton you want to use for anything other than helms. It works perfectly from the torso down.)

Its a “no-go” on helms so far for me.
Currently when importing the MaleBurlap_Hat_Skeleton.fbx into maya, the skin info is gone and the “joint2” bone is also gone. However when importing into 3dsmax I had to convert the dummy into a bone but even after I can’t export it back out into maya. The joint simply vanishes.

When importing the mesh with MY joint2 created within maya, it gives me errors asking me to recompress animations with the risk of invalidating them.
(Joint2 is used by the burlap hat… I have not seen any other hat/helm in the assets needing a skeletal rig. Can a dev point the way to understanding how and why the helmets are done this way? Also, sockets - do I need to create one for my own custom helm to even sit properly?)


In my mod I have 4 new helmet meshes working. The helmets are different then the other armor pieces, in that they are not skinned or rigged. They are just static meshes attached to the helmet socket. (They are also the only piece of armor to use a socket rather than a rig.) Other armors also have a male and female version, helmets do not. (By default, but you could always add a second element for the female. Untested.) I haven’t tried using the burlap hat yet, but I’ve had great luck with the metal hat.


I figured it out without dealing with sockets.

For things that are a bit more “dynamic” in design (the hood needing more than one bone) - I simply lined up the base male model’s head to the burlap hat, after that I would copy my mask and hood and bring it down to the second mesh at the bottom.

Now all I have to do is paint my weights for the first hood and copy the weights/influence to the mask and hood below.
Bam! Works like a charm in game.
I have seen the helm sockets already prior to your post but I just couldn’t settle for “static” hood.