Unable to export certain Reports

When I try to export a “Registration and Georeferencing Accuracy Report” I get this error:

error in ‘Reports\ComponentAccuracyReport.html’ at [63,203]: an expression expected
Processing Failed: Invalid or corrupted input data.
[Translation failed.See into the console output for more information.]

When I look in the reports templates folder the ComponentAccuracyReport.html file has this line at line 63:

$Declare( “maxEllipseUnitRadius”, Max( $ExportCameras( $ExportRelativeCameraPositionUncertainty( cameraIndex, $CovToEllipse2D( posUncertCovXX, posUncertCovXY, posUncertCovYY, $(ellipseRadiusMax), ))) 0 ) )

The “0” at the end seems to be where to 203 column error is hanging. Is this not supposed to be “0”?

I also get another error when trying to export a “Ortho Projection Report”:

Processing Failed: Unsupported file format. Try to install a codec for your file format…

Then when I check the expected export folder I find a “_Attachements” folder containing an 0kb jpg. I’m guessing it’s getting to the point where it tries to export/save a jpg for the report and then fails for whatever reason.

Hi RWiley-cid,
is your project georeferenced?
Is it possible to export the ortho?

The drone photos were gps located and were initially georeferenced, but we also take terrestrial lidar scans and combine them, so the output is in the local coordinate system setup in the lidar scans.

I can generate a orthoimage.

I tried exporting reports for one of our projects that didn’t have scans and used a normal EPSG coordinate system and it worked. I’m guessing that none of the “Quality” type reports work w/o georeferencing?

Another question, is it possible to show a generated orthoimage in the “Registration and Georeferencing Accuracy Report” under the camera accuracy maps?

What’s a quick way to change the units used in the quality reports (i.e. using MM or Inches instead of Meters)?

It is not possible to export that report for laser scans if I remember correctly. As it is laser scanner. Also, it needs to be georeferenced for export.
It should be possible if you will create your own report. In this case should be enough to copy the part from Ortho projection report to Registration accuracy report.
The reports you can find here: C:\Program Files\Capturing Reality\RealityCapture\Reports
More about custom reports you can find here: RealityCapture Help
Regarding the units change visit this page: Set your own global or local coordinate system
The set units should be used in the report.