Unable to edit Landscape anymore

I am using world composition. I had to change and remove some landscape levels and rename a few to fix some things up. After doing that im not able to Interact with the landscape such as Sculpt/Paint ect. If i create a new Landscape everything is fine with that one. It is still shaped how it was and acts as it should. Ive just recently spent alot of time working on it and am hoping i dont need to restart. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I still havent found a fix for this yet. Do i just need to restart with clean levels and landscape?

Few thoughts:
Check output and message log
If you do a Build what does it do and report?
Right click on your folder(s) and run Validate Assets in Folder
Right click on your folder(s) and Fix up Redirections in Folder
Can you migrate to another project?

I tried everything you said nothing changed. Ill post a picture of what it says when i click Landscape mode. Should of maybe said this above. I can also use Foliage mode with no issues. Its just Sculpt/Paint that aren’t working on the landscape ive had for a long time. It works on newly made landscapes tho.

I just deleted all the saved levels i had and restarted my world composition. I couldnt figure out any other way.

Enable Edit Layers checkbox if you want to work on layers.
Do the landscape and landscape gizmo actors still exist under World Outliner?

Yes the gizmo was there and edit layers were checked. I think it was just some random bug. I did do alot of Tile moving and renaming.

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