Unable to Download the Unreal Engine


I’m having trouble in downloading the epic game engine from library for the windows.
I’ve tried to disable the windows fire wall settings and windows defender. But there is no use of it.

Last time I checked message from Epic Game Launcher-
“Could not download installation information. Please try again later. Code:5”


See if anything in this link will help you.

Thank you for your reply 94.

I added google DNS but it could not work.
I’m Attaching my debug Log and dxdiag with this thread.

Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the launcher?

Hi Torne,

Looks like 94 and the others are spot on with help they are providing. I would recommend following the resolution on the answerhub link, but if you are still having issues, please visit help.epicgames.com. Common solutions are provided for the Launcher, or you can use the contact form to troubleshoot with Support.

Edit: Workflow change for Launcher support.

Hi 94, Reubitron.

Thank You For Reply.
I Reinstall the Epic Game Launcher.
The things Work for me after reinstalled Game launcher, updated my Windows OS as well as google DNS .

Good to hear it is working Torne. :smiley:

Hi Torne!

Glad everything is now working properly for you! Let us know if you have any further issues. We’ll be happy to help! :slight_smile: