Unable to download/sign-in to marketplace


I am trying to download/purchase some free assets from the Epic Marketplace, but it does not work.

I am signed in to the Launch, and can download and run Unreal Engine without issue.

Clicking “Add to cart” does not appear to do anything. It is not added to my cart, and there is no errors or messaging of any type.

If I click the image of the item (in this case the “stylized forest”) it opens the link in Chrome:

Once in Chrome, clicking both “Free” or “Add to Cart” do nothing as well. If i right-click “Free” or “Add to Cart” and copy the link address, they both give me:

This is the same as the URL I am already on.

I have also attempted to use the Web version of the marketplace at Marketplace - UE Marketplace

However, when I attempt to sign-in, it simply appears to reload the page, and does not allow me to sign in.

Oddly, when I go to The most powerful real-time 3D creation platform - Unreal Engine it does show me a logged in: