Unable to deploy/package to iOS with unreal 4.12


I am unable to package or deploy to iOS with 4.12

To replicate.
Create a NEW any Bluerpint base project.
Succesful Import both provision and mobile key
then choose Deploy or Package , it show error message

“Sorry, launching a code-based project for the selected platform is currently not supported. This feature may be available in a future release.”

I replicate the same process in 4.10 and 4.11, both work fine.

Someone, please help me … this is a big problem for me. Thanks

Hi ansonkit,

Make sure you do not have any extra plugins enabled that may be code based. Go to Settings->Plugins> (example: Make sure Substance is not active.)

Try this and let me know if it does not resolve your issue.


Hi ,

ok. after turn off the substance plugin, i can package/deploy the project.

But my project need the substance plugin as I am using some purchased materials from substance designer in my scene.

How long will the new substance plugin to get updated to 4.12.4 ?


You will have to contact the developer for support of Substance plugin.