Unable to deploy on android from unreal engine 4

Hi ,

Please i need help on that , i am can’t deploy my content from unreal engine 4.7.2 to my galaxy note 4 i followed all instruction, everything i install also NVPACK i also specified the path in unreal engine 4 in android SDK section but if you can read please my log file it’s stuck in adb.exe am i doing something wrong

Can you please help me on that or i am doing something wrong

this is my email t.dergamoun@a101.qa or

Hi Cartmania,

Firstly, are you using the editor from binary/Launcher or source/Github? Are you able to package any project at all? I see you tried to package Sun Temple, can you get the Tappy Chicken project and attempt to package from the editor (as in, not via Unreal FrontEnd) for development and ETC1? Please attach the logs if Tappy package fails.

Further, your logs are a bit puzzling. At the ‘preparing to make apk’ stage and again and the ‘updating build config files’ stage it throws up the error ‘The system cannot find the path specified.’ This leads me to suspect that there is something isn’t set up correctly with your SDK, but I can’t tell what. Can you double check your environment variables and make sure everything is set up correctly there?

Lastly, the logs say your build is successful. What happens that fails?

Hi wittlief,

Thank for your reply, everything is working it was an issue of SDK:) setup i fix it i have another concern i want to use blueprint for windows touch screen what i want to do exactly is example use : the Realistic render by unreal and interact with it with touch in windows7 or 8, i tried to search all forums no luck , basically what i want to do is like that
i want to use finger touch for windows and interact with the content pinch, spin so camera rotate, open button if you click so is like it give you information, i saw some example using ipad and android this is fine, but i am searching for windows can find anything in internet of forum, can you help me on that please because i am sure there is a way in blue print for that

Hope you can help me and thank you very much for you kind reply

this is the link go in minute : 2m38

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Hi Cartmania,

Firstly, I’m very glad your SDK issue has been resolved! Unfortunately, as your new issue is not a packaging and deployment one, I am not going to be able to assist you on this thread for an entirely different problem.

We try to keep the AnswerHub threads specific to the category in which they are posted so people looking for answers to issues can find them. If you like, you can post this new issue in the blueprints section and see if someone there can help you. Please include all the relevant info for the new thread.

As your SDK issue is resolved, I am marking this thread answered. Thanks very much!

Can you tell us specifically what you had to do to fix it?
I have not in an entire year been able to get any of my projects, even the simplest ones (literally one level with nothing in it but a text widget!), to run on Android (Samsung Galaxy S2)