Unable to create player groups with more than 5 accounts


There seems to be a bug with the player groups in Product Settings. I am unable to add new users to existing groups and if I create a new group I can have a maximum of 5 accounts.

Whenever I try to add an accoutn I get this message:


This is quite a pain as the workaround is to have multiple groups. Could someone take a look at this asap? I have tried importing the accounts with a csv file and I double checked the file was under 100Kb

Hi ML_cc!

Thanks for flagging this our way! So we can investigate this further and keep your information private, we kindly ask if you would submit a private discussion through our “EOS Help” link and we’ll be more than happy to dive into this further.

Thank you!

Hi again!

I wanted to follow up as there did appear to be a momentary bug causing this issue. Can you confirm that this has been resolved on your end?

Thanks in advance!