unable to create an accurate distance

Hello, I have multiple photoscans ranging from 50 to 300 images that are unable to create an accurate distance. For each scan I have around 5 images of a measuring tape laid out at the base of the object. All the photos are taken from different distances and angles with one image full of the measuring tape and clearly readable. I am marking the points on the measuring tape to be 1m apart (tho in troubleshooting I have attempted multiple measurements to no success). The issue is the calculated distance is continuing to come back at an obscene measurement (anywhere from 25m to 175m). I am defining it and it is not making any difference. When I update it gets worse. when I realign it sometimes gets better, but closest I can get it is 3.5m. I have tried increasing the weight of the CPs and that did not make any impact. It seems that RC is not taking the defined distance into consideration with its calculations. I would appreciate some insight into how to resolve this issue.   steps: add two CPs with info from 2-5 images
all CPs have error less than 1.0
define distance as 1.0

Hi Dneg,

is it possible that your images are georeferenced (if so there is a sign next to images in the shape of marker)? If they are georeferenced it is possible, that these information have a higher influence on the distance settings. Also, it would be better to place the CP on more than 2 images.

Can you paste here some print screen how it looks?