Unable to contine to next custom event

You trying to do two things with the same object in the same time.

Second event not work because first one still executes.

And you really need to delete this loops. Even using Timeline this will look better, and with it you can simply do Play and Reverse.

I have created two custom events that each work on their own. But when called in succession after a BeginEventPlay only the first one gets executed, it doesn’t even make it to the second event. I’m not really sure whats happening.

I have no idea why you are using a for loop?! In fact what you are trying to do with for loop, the Finterp is supposed to do. Please remove the loops then try again.

The For Loop With Delay is a macro that allows execution to continue and fires off the Loop Body pins later after the delay. So you are trying to lerp open and close the drawer at the same time.

Like redbox suggested. Try using a Timeline instead.