Unable to communicate between class BP and Charcter BP


I’m having problems communicating between a class BP i have and the Character BP. I’m using a variable to store the Character class BP but the problem is that i cannot reference the character because it spawns after i press play.
In the image at 1 is the class BP that i want to talk to the Character BP so i have the ‘speeder Bike BP’ var which referrers to the Character BP. At 2 i have selected the class BP i have in the level, but now i cannot select anything in the default drop down menu because my player character (Speeder Bike BP) spawns on play and is not currently in the level.

Is there a way around this, can i check the actors that are spawned from that class BP or will i have to add the Character BP into the level and take control of that BP after pressing play or something?

Would appreciate any help in the right direction, hopefully i was clear enough with my issue :slight_smile:


Got this to work but i had to drag my player character into the level and in the level BP on event begin play posses to Actor and then it works fine :slight_smile:
Feels a bit of a hacky way of doing it so if anyone has a better way of doing it would be cool to know.