Unable to change physical material for collision which are static meshes

I´m having a persistent problem related with physic material override for collisions which are static meshes. No of the normal methods to change physic material is working. On my level, i have some static meshes which i use for level collision (which come from a external 3D software). The collision can be seen in red:

I tried to set physical material with the following ways:

  • On the static mesh editor:

  • On the material editor:

  • On the Blueprint editor for the object via nodes and via collision options:

  • Also on Level Editor selecting the action on the level which is not possible since this option is grey out.

But none of this work and the collision will always return the default physical material when getting from blueprint nodes (component > GetMaterial >GetPhysicalMaterial) or getting it from a hit event: (Break Hit Result > Physical Material).

So i can´t use surface type in the game play logic also can´t change surface properties like friction, restitution and etc.

For collisions that are not static mesh this works fine only changing physical material override. I can get right material from hits and prints. For static meshes this happen. This is a bug, or there is anything i´m missing?

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